This is the website for educational therapy services provided by Shawn Usha, Educational Therapist Professional

About My Work

Hello, I am Shawn Usha, and I provide services as an Educational Therapist. I solve learning challenges for all ages of clients. My goal is to guide clients in discovering their path to educational success and the pleasures of learning.


  • Learning disability assessments based on a strengths and weaknesses model leading to discovering the best learning strategies and verification of disability status.
  • Educational therapy, one-on-one sessions that provide individualized learning support. These sessions improve academic skills while guiding the learner in developing self-understanding and resilience.


I am skilled in multisensory strategies for improving basic skills, executive function tools for work organization, and knowledgeable in the application of cognitive processing models for completion of complex academic tasks. Areas of specialty are dyslexia, writing, and work organization.


I often work with clients who are overwhelmed by the demands when academic challenges ramp up with transitions to middle school, high school, or college. Clients often remark on my calm and patient manner while working in an insightful and encouraging manner that works through the resistance and self-doubt that builds up with learning challenges.